Tuesday, April 6, 2010

About Me!

Naming my blog was easy. My sister nicknamed me "Lolo" when I was about 10 years old. Even though I am now 28, my dearest friends and family still call me Lolo. When my nieces and nephews came along it was only natural that they would call me Lolo as well. Being an Aunt is so much fun! I am always making something for all the kids I love. 

I have been married for over 8 years to a truely wonderful man and love making our house a home. We have a cat named Murphy who is 14 and is totally nuts! 

Also, you should know I am obsessed with Bunnies (and lately hedgehogs), my favorite color is buttercup yellow, I am ADDICTED to Diet Coke, I love making cards for all occassions and sleeping in! 
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  1. I just read your post about being matched with a baby. I'm a birth mom and adoptive mom. I'm SO excited for you! I LOVE looking through your blog (when I have the time)! Look forward to hearing more about the special addition to your family!

  2. What a miracle !
    I'm a 66 years old Granny to 5 wonderful boys (3 - 12).
    My daughter is married to an American (actually they are backin Germany for 5 years sinc last year June and I enjoy having them near me.

    I said miracle, becaue my name is Charlotte and when I've been a little child and somebody asked me for me name, I couldn't say Charlotte, so I said "Lolo" and still in my family I'm called Lolo.
    Regards from one Lolo to another one !


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