Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi, Remember Me?

I feel like after taking more than a week off blogging (accidently) that I should introduce myself! Geeez! 

You know when you make plans and then everything falls apart? Yep, it's been like that around here. 

First of all I should explain that I preparing for my first ever Craft Fair! It's this Saturday at a local church and I am so excited. And scared. And freaked out. And anxious. Okay you get the picture.

Two weeks ago, I was not stressed. Why? Well my Aunt (whom I work for) was going on a cruise for a week, so that meant I would have a week off to prepare for the craft fair! 

Oh but then the MOTHER OF ALL MIGRAINE'S came. And stayed. And stayed. And stayed. And went. Came back. Stayed more. I even had to cancel my Halloween party with my nephews and their friends, which I look forward to all year. Seriously bummer. 

So let's fast forward (anyone still reading this?) After a cancelled Halloween Party, 5 days of the worst migraine I have ever even thought of having, I am finally feeling decent and ready to cut a bunch of vinyl for my Craft Fair. 

My Cricut Won't Work. Nope, Not Kidding.

To be fair, my cricut with it's cartridges will work, but my software Sure Cuts A Lot, will not. And that's where I had saved all my vinyl designs. So I decide to plug in my Gypsy and try and use that. Nope, not working either. So after about 5 hours trying to fix the computer, talking to tech support, hubby taking apart Cricut, we think we have figured out that it's the USB Serial Port in the back of my Cricut that is not working. No, I have no clue how we are going to fix that BUT, good news my Aunt bought my old "baby bug" Cricut from me when I got my expression so I have a backup I can pick up tomorrow. 

And I'm telling you right now that if that doesn't work, things are not going to be pretty people. 

Here were the high points of my week...

I updated my Etsy Shop and made some new Christmas Tree Button Art that I'm really excited about. I also just added some burlap banners for CHEAP!  Here I'll add some photos so that this isn't a totally boring post. 

Burlap JOY Banner for $5.00!

Thankful Banner $8.00!

Saturday I was finally able to make it to Wal-Mart for groceries and I picked up two small pumpkins for my husband and I to paint. I am such a fan of this painted pumpkin trend that is going on right now. So much easier!!! We had a good time painting ours tonight. I will show you my husbands (he LOVES captain america)...

So are you guys ready for a Reggie the Pig update? I am totally obsessed with this pig. I was able to go out twice this week and sit on the ground and bond with him and it was so much fun! He will finally let me pet him (scratch him) a little behind the ear when I am giving him treats. At first I went to pet the top of his head and he squealed and ran like I was trying to kill him. Apparently pigs don't like that! He is SO jumpy and so scared of my hand above his head that I really think his previous owner hit him. So I just sit on the ground and try to earn his trust by letting him slobber all over my pants and hands. Yes, pigs slobber like dogs sometimes :) 
Here are some recent pictures....
 Oh that pig, seriously adorable.
I think he grew his winter coat in and it gave him a Mo-Hawk for a few days. I am not sure if pigs get winter coats but our mini horses got theirs a few weeks ago and at the same time I noticed Reggie's hair growing like crazy and sticking up like this :) 

I am learning A LOT about pigs. For example, Reggie likes to make reallllllllly loud snorting sounds in the morning and during the day outside our window just to say hi. It actually sounds more like a cow mooing than a pig snorting. It is CRAZY loud. 

Okay so enough about my adorable pig. I could talk about him all day. Just wanted to give you guys the highlights of my otherwise sad week. 

I have a BIG giveaway from a little company named oh, SHABBY APPLE coming up (can you believe it?!) so stay tuned for that!!

I am joining these burlap crafts to a super fun link up here:

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Prints Wednesday....

Are your houses almost ready for Halloween?! Have your kids finally decided (after changing their minds a million times) on a costume?

 If you are throwing a party (like me) you might be trying to get the last details put together. Here are some prints devoted just to parties to help you out ...

Catch My Party not only has super cute party invites but they have tons of other free prints for parties! 
Halloween Candle Wrappers from Mr. Printables
Printable Party Kit from Sherry K Designs. I can't believe this is free! Everything you need for a great party. 
Download these cute tags from Sherbet Blossom
I love these bags and little candy wrappers from How Does She
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love this Tuesday!

I am just getting back from visiting my Mom in Louisville, KY for a long weekend. She moved there about a year ago and it was my first time visiting. I had such a great time! 

Here are some great Halloween ideas for this week...

Brown Paper Packages made this 2x4 pumpkin last year but there is no reason you can't make it this year :)
Entertain Exchange made this gorgeous pumpkin from pantyhose.
Vanessa shares a great tutorial on making this Halloween Burlap Banner. 
Beautiful paper pumpkins from It Happened Like This
That's What Che Said gives us a tutorial on how to make this spooky burlap table runner. 

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pintastic Friday!

Do you like the new name? I do! You can thank Bonnie, my friend from high school for the new cute name for Friday's :)

Here are the things I pinned this week...

Make yarn letters cheap! 

Love this bow!

Um, genius!

fantastic quote.

Gorgeous felt letters

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Williams-Sonoma Giftcard Giveaway!

Do you guys love Williams-Sonoma? I do! 
Well one of our sponsors, Caramel Potatoes is having an awesome giveaway!

And while you are entering the giveaway, make sure you look around the blog at all the yummy recipes! I cannot wait to make the Crispy Smashed Potatoes :)

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What to do about Thursdays????? And our new pig :)

I need your advice. 
I'm not loving "We Love Etsy Thursdays" 
So I need to know...
Do you guys love it?
Or would you rather see something else?
If you love it, I will keep it. 

But until we figure out what to do on Thursday's I thought I would introduce you to the newest addition...

Reginald the Pig
Reggie showed up in our front yard last Saturday. My husband came in from checking the mail and said, "There is a pig in our yard...." But he said it ran away so I didn't think more about it. Then a few hours later he goes outside, comes back in and says, "I need my camera to take a picture of Reginald." I said, "Who the heck is Reginald?!". My hubby says, "The pig!". So funny. Well the next day he was still hanging out by our pasture and I discovered he is very friendly so I let him in our pasture with the horses and now he's ours. I went and bought him "pig food" at the feed store and he's very happy with it :)
My friend who knows about pigs says he looks like a baby pot bellied pig. If you know anything about pigs, please leave me a comment!! We are new to having a pig as a pet so we are relying on google for all our info :)

Our mini horses, Pattycake and Baker's Girl don't seem to mind Reggie for the most part. Sometimes they get annoyed because he follows them around like they are his Mother but I would get annoyed with that too so I understand. 
Patty and Baker are starting to get their winter coats and they are sooooo cute and fuzzy right now. Here is a gorgeous picture of Patty. 
A few weeks ago we took 2 kittens and their Mother from my sister's backyard and relocated them to our pasture. The kittens live under and around a dog house that is right by the backdoor. I recently discovered that the horses have been eating their food so I put it at the very very back of the dog house. Then yesterday I caught Reggie climbing into the dog house to eat their food too. Seriously?! So now the kittens eat on the whole other side of the fence. Safe from pigs and horses. 
Unfortunately their Mother hates them. Not even kidding. But, she is basically a kitten herself so I can understand why she might associate her kittens with pain. Poor Mama. She is sooooooo sweet and friendly. Always wants to be petted. She has found herself a place to live far away from the kittens in my Grandpa's old shop. 
Can you believe how many animals we now have?! 

 But we can't forget our one inside animal, my cat of 14+ years and the love of our lives, Murphy. 
Here he is sitting in a rocking chair. Could he be any cuter?!

I hope you enjoyed meeting all our animals! And seriously, please leave a comment if you have any pig advice! 
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Prints Wednesday....

I have sooooooo many free prints to feature that I just hope I get to them all before Halloween! :) 
I am running low on Halloween projects to feature though. If you have done a cute project, email me! 

Oopsey Daisy made this very cute print! I'm loving all the purple this year for Halloween, anyone else? 
Free Candy Bar Wrappers (for big and small candy bars) over at Living Locurto
The Diary of Dave's Wife made such a cute spider print and it comes in 3 different colors. 
Landee See, Landee Do made this funny (and cute!) print for us. And who else wants that pumpkin behind it?! ME!! :)
Can you believe this is a free print from Inside a Black Apple?! It is! I love how different it is from all the others. It's gorgeous! It can be printed and framed or made into a card.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love this Tuesday!

Well let me first start by apologizing for the lack of Thurs and Fri posts last week! It was one of our busiest weeks of the year at my Aunt's Cake Shop which left little time to blog :) But I'm back with some fun Halloween Crafts for you to make!

Peppermint Plum made these adorable skeleton portraits and shows us how! 

I love this bat pillow from Tales of a Trophy Wife

 Learn how to make your own witches broom over at Kiki Creates!

A Diamond in the Stuff made this super cute googly eye frame and gives us a tutorial! 

Kierste from Brown Paper Packages guest posted at eighteen25 to teach us how to make these fabulous Trick or Treat Boxes

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Prints Wednesday....

Ready for some super cute Halloween prints?! 
I have so many that I've been saving up just for you! Oh and a little "bonus" free print....

I printed this immediately after seeing it and it's so spooky! Download yours at Less Cake, More Frosting

I love all the colors in this free print from Itsy Bitsy Paper

I used this Halloween Parade Print from Vana Chupp, as part of my Halloween Decorations. I printed it off my computer and framed it. But you can also do this...
The tutorial is on page 35 of The Party Dress Magazine

Halloween Paper Dolls shared on Tip Junkie, made by Tricia-Rennea. Note: The image above is in grey scale per Tip Junkie but once you download the free files they are clear and crisp! 

 Free Calendar Printable by I Heart Naptime

Remember how my friend Ryan decided he really wanted to be on "Free Prints Wednesday" and he even went so far as to make a facebook group devoted to it? Well, it's his birthday and the group did hit 102 followers so I decided there was no better time to introduce the world to the great artist, Ryan Hallett...
This work of art is entitled " It's a Puppy"

Y'all just remember you saw his work here first :)


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