Thursday, July 8, 2010


My BFF from high school is an amazing crafter. She is super talented!! Her name is Julliana and she is just one of the most creative people I've ever known. Her blog is fabulous! She has tutorials on digital scrapbooking, great ideas and super cute pictures of her son Ben. She has an Etsy Shop which I also love. One of the items is an FHE Jar. For just $5 you get 50 prompts (song, prayer, scripture, topic) and the cute stuff on the outside of the jar in a PDF file you print off your computer. She donated the PDF file to a craft fair I had for my sister this year and we sold so many! I bought one but I haven't been able to print them out yet. I am going to work on making mine this week because I just bought a new printer cartridge, finally! I am so excited! I will post a picture and show you how it turns out. Her etsy shop is called JuBean Designs.

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