Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homemade Silk Screen

This is AMAZING! Sew a Straight Line found a tutorial from Craftgrrl on how to make a homemade silk screen. Sew a Straight Line then used it for her annual family reunion. If you look at her blog, you can see that little kids were able to make their own shirts, it was so easy! Also, the homemade silk screens are cheap to make but last! They made 100 shirts! Here are some photos from Craftgrrl. Seriously, this is the greatest idea for girls camp, family reunions or just making fun custom shirts!

This is what she is going to put on her tshirt. It's just printed off a computer.
The finished product. There are more steps than what I showed here, but not that many! Doesn't it look great??!! I cannot wait to try this.

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