Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Freebie from Auntie Lolo! Christmas Subway Art

I love all the subway art going around blogland and I decided to make my own Christmas Subway Art on SCAL and cut it out on my Cricut. I took a 50 cent piece of cabinet from the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store (best place ever)
and painted it white. After it dried, I put the vinyl on
and sealed it with clear coat. Please feel free to
download it and use it for yourself!

Click HERE to download


  1. I love this! I've seen lots of Christmas subway art but this is my favorite because it emphasizes Jesus and not Santa (nothing against Santa, just in case he's reading this, but Jesus is "The Man"). I think I will use this in my office at church.

    Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love this - have been looking for the true meaning of Christmas subway art. Tried to download and it isn't available... Can you help me out? If so, please send to

  3. I know Christmas is gone and wont be back for a while. but I too tried to download the images to save for next season and it wouldn't work???

  4. This is fabulous! I've been searching tips and ideas for subway art as I'd like to give it a go. I LOVE your project. It's so well done and really does capture what Christmas is all about.

  5. I tried to download this file but the file is not available. Is there another link i can try? Thanks


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