Thursday, January 6, 2011

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Card Holder

My nephew was doing a magazine school fundraiser a few months ago and I participated by purchasing a years subscription to Martha Stewart Magazine. I know, it was a huge sacrifice ;) In the December issue (which was fabulous btw) she featured a Embroidery Hoop Christmas Card Holder or "Pinup Wreath" as Martha calls it. I knew immediately that I had to make it. I have always struggled to figure out where to put our Christmas Cards we get in the mail. Finally, an inexpensive and cute solution. I ended up using 2 because I ran out of space with the first one.
 I hung ours on a wreath hanger, on the back of the coat closet door, which is right inside the front door. It turned
out to be the perfect place for the Christmas Cards.
Here are some photos of ours.


  1. Okay Lois, you made me smile :) I love all your crafting, you are very creative. When I move, I hope to have more time (am working on the last blessing gown of the four!!) to make some of the crafts you have on your blog. I just love reading about all the fun things you are doing. Can hardly wait to see you ♥

  2. I am either six months late or six months early for next christmas. however, that's a great idea, and I especially love those babies in the center. I would like to do this and paint it red to go against the white walls in my house. --rebecca campbell


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