Friday, February 4, 2011

We love Etsy Thursday! on Friday.....

I have so many good reasons why "We love Etsy Thursdays!" is being posted on Friday....

1) My Internet went down yesterday
2) I have laryngitis and some wicked awful virus that is causing it. I haven't been able to talk for a week! If you know me in real life, you can imagine how horrible that is for me! Need a visual? The lymph nodes in the front of my throat are gi-normous, as if I have a growth there or something.

So I feel like I have 2 pretty good reasons but I was still sad to miss it, so I'm playing catch up today.

Okay, so enough about me, let's talk about Hedgehog's! I am so obsessed with them right now! Anyone else?? So can you guess what today's entire post is about? 

Scrabble Tile Images from Sparrowgraphic only $3.00 for a whole sheet with tons of other images!

Hedgehog stuffed animal! You buy the pattern from LittleHibouShoppe and make it yourself. They are all so cute!

How fun would it be to keep your things in this Hedgehog Gadget Case from JPATPURSES?!

Love this Hedgehog pattern from AmyGaines. Only $3! Makes me wish I could knit :)

Wooden Hedgehog Push Toy from Imaginationkids. Adorable and Eco Friendly!

Hedgehog ornament for only $5 in your choice of dark or light wood from littlesaplingtoys

I love this sweet print from irinaahop. The wording means, "My Little Hedgehog".

Simply gorgeous handpainted hedgehog pendant necklace from tuckooandmoocow

I couldn't tell what this was at first but it's a fabric basket! So smart! Look in seabreezestudio's shop for more pictures.

Perfect for Valentine's Day, here is a Hedgehog Scrabble Tile Pendant from WingDesign

Okay seriously, I could go on for days! There is so much cute Hedgehog stuff on Etsy. Have fun shopping!
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  1. I love the cute stuffed animals--all of them! And I love even more that you used the term "wicked awful virus".

  2. bahahha!! This post made me so happy!!!! I love the fabric basket with mini hedgehogs!!

  3. I just love that knitted hedgehog, thinking of buying the pattern and making one for myself. I know my daughter would love that.

  4. I cannot find the hedgehog pattern - anyone know where I can find it? if you do


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