Monday, May 16, 2011

One Month to Win It - Week Two Project Reveal

Mason Jar Display

I love making things no little or no money! This weeks theme was perfect! I made something I've wanted for awhile, a mason jar display! It was so very easy to make and looks great on the wall with candles and flowers. Really, the options for what you put in the mason jars are endless. You could use it to store art supplies, craft supplies, shells from the beach, etc. You really get the bang for your buck with this craft! 

How I made it...

1) I took a 2x4 and painted it
2) After paint was dry, I beat the heck out of it with different things, like a hammer, sander, etc to make it look old
3) I held a mason jar up and marked the sides with a pencil to see where to drill holes
4) Drilled 6 total holes for wire
5) Luckily my grandpa already had rusty wire so I didn't have to make it look old :) I took it and threaded it through the holes while holding the mason jars on the wood. 
6) Once both ends of the wire were through the holes, I twisted the wire in the back just like you see when your kid gets a new toy (picture the back of the toy box with all the twist ties) 
7) Then you decorate! You could use the mason jars to hold sand and shells or crayons and colored pencils, etc! 

Thank you to everyone for voting! I made it to week 3 and the voting started this morning. Go HERE to vote for your favorite! I can't tell you which one is mine until next week :)

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  1. I REALLY love your jars!!! Gotta make this for sure!!! At first I was wondering how you drilled holes in the glass, but it's amazing the things you learn when you actually read the directions!!! Thanks so much!

  2. How clever. I love your idea & it turned out just beautiful.

  3. This turned out fabulously well! Now just to figure out where one might fit in my house...thanks for sharing!

    MJ @ MD School Mrs.

  4. WONDERFUL! Now i know what to do with all the mason jars I've been hoarding....LOL!

    I'm a new follower--would love a follow back!

  5. Gorgeous! I've seen these jar-holders around but love your choice of wood backing... colored & distressed. Following from SBLC's thrifty thurs.

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  6. I LOVE this!! It would be the perfect wall decoration for my living room.

  7. It's beautiful! This may be a silly question, but how did you hang it on your wall? Thanks!



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