Thursday, May 26, 2011

Praying for Joplin....

My friend Lisa lives in Joplin, MO and orders a lot of my crafts that I make. She recently got remarried to the man of her dreams and has started a new life in Joplin. So happy for her! Thankfully she and her family were okay in the storms but as you know most of Joplin was not. She has been updating facebook daily and I was very touched to read that she and her daughter gave the shoes off their feet to some nurses who had bloody feet from pushing patients. I cannot even imagine what it must be like there. I've been thinking about them so much lately and I wanted to make a print to let them know we love them. And not just them but all the other cities dealing with tornado damage :( Here is the free print I came up with, feel free to right click and save it. 

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  1. thanks for this darling picture to support Joplin. I grew up in Joplin but now live in NE Kansas and all of the support, prayers and donations has been great. Thanks again for this, I have changed my FB profile pic to your blue Joplin pic and linked it to your site.
    Hey if do any more can you do an orange one? Just checking orange has been my fav or a long time! :)

  2. I also decided to write about Joplin in my blog and used your picture of Joplin<3 in there also. Thanks again.


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