Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Love Etsy! Sponsor Highlight

I have always loved shadowboxes! I will thrilled to find our newest sponsor....Shadowcase! Their shadowboxes are gorgeous, come with lots of options and right now are 50% off! So, now is the time to put those shadowboxes together that you have been putting off. Yes, we all have those piles that we swear we are going to do something with, you know the sentimental things that mean the world to us, yet they are sitting in boxes :) You have no excuse now! 

Here are my favorites from the shop.....

                 Dance Keepsake & Memory Shadow Box with Pins  

                HALF OFF! 

             Military Medals Shadowbox with Pins- Heritage Collection 

               HALF OFF!

           Baby Boy Keepsake & Memory Shadowbox with Pins

            and frames HALF OFF!

                    Memory Keepsake Shadow Box-

                    Personalized Custom Design HALF OFF!

Aren't they gorgeous? And there is a lot more to see in the Shadowcase Shop! 

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