Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guest Posting - Equal Opportunity Crafter

Hi everyone...I'm Julliana and I love to craft! Auntie Lolo and I went to high school together and many a night could be found scrapbooking while watching Pride and Predjudice. Oh, the good old days! Since Lois is on vacation and I'm sure having a fabulous time, I'm here to share a fun and quick craft tutorial - Jewelry Making...specifically, earrings.

This is so easy you'll be making tons of these for yourself and friends. It doesn't take much to make some super cute and stylish earrings. Let's go through it in detail...


1.) Felt. I just used a cheap 9"x12" piece of felt...this helps the beads stay in place, especially if they are round or small.

2.) Beads. Choose anything you want. I chose some natural looking glass beads from the craft store. They were on sale for 50% off so, for about $2 I got 30 beads. Aren't they pretty?...and they'll go with everything!

3.) Head pins. These are just pieces of wire with a little stop on one end. This keeps the beads from falling off the end.

4.) Earrings. These come in all different styles. I chose these because they were so basic and classic...there are 60 to a pack...that's 30 pairs! These will go with any beads I choose.

5.) Round nose pliers. Get these with a coupon at the craft store and they'll only cost a few bucks. This pair also has a flat section and a wire cutter.


Here's how I made my set...adapt to your own style/needs:

1.) String two beads on each head pin.

2.) bend the wire 90 degrees.

3.) cut the wire about 3/4" from the bend. (Save the scrap of wire because you can reuse that in other projects.)

4.) use the round nose pliers to create a loop at the top.

Here's what it will look like:

5.) Open the loop a bit by bending the wire back a bit...just enough so you can slip the earring piece in.

6.) close up the loop again.
7.) repeat for the other earring.

Wasn't that easy?

Use these same techniques to make more earrings...one for every outfit! Change up the bead sizes and order.

All my many and varied crafting interests can be found at my blog - Equal Opportunity Crafter. Enjoy!

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