Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday, Let's Party!

Big Blog News! Every Friday I am going to start featuring parties! It's going to be so much fun! If you want to submit a party to be featured, just email me at auntielolocrafts at gmail dot com. I already have a few really great parties that readers have emailed me. You guys are so talented!

Today's party comes from my sister Farris! A few months ago her daughter Annalee turned 5 years old and she wanted to have a ballerina party. Farris' decorations were so cute! And the best part? It was a very inexpensive party, which are my favorite kind. Don't you agree? Why spend a bunch of money for decorations when you don't need to? I would rather save it and buy a new Cricut cartridge :)

My niece Annalee loves to play outside so my sister held the party at a park and it was really fun!

Farris had Annalee's shirt custom made for the party and she made her cute tutu. The crown was part of the goody bag for the girls.

I had never seen ruffled streamers and I was so impressed! The tutorial can be found HERE.

How cute are these cupcakes!!! The white cupcake tower had 3 levels when the party began, then I broke the top layer! But, I was so impressed with what it was made out of. They are just different size plates and bowls stacked on top of each other, with the bowls upside down. Smart idea! Unless you have a clumsy sister :)

 I was blown away by the cupcake toppers, aren't you? Click HERE for the tutorial. Farris made the invitations to the party (sorry no photo) and they all had these little tissue paper and cardstock ballerinas on them. Great idea!

These popsicle brownies were the hit of the party! No one could stop eating them :) Recipe found HERE.

For the boys who came to the party, they got a goody bag with pirate gear in it so that they felt comfortable at the the ballerina party too.

Here is one of the centerpieces on the picnic tables with a super cute tablecloth which was actually just draped fabric, so smart.

The present table was so cute and full!

There were super cute photos of Annalee on the present table in frames that matched the decor.

 This fabulous free print can be found HERE.

 And I couldn't help but include this adorable photo of Annalee and Auntie Lolo at her very first ballet recital the next day!

Wasn't the party so cute?! I know my sister had so much fun making everything and all the guest raved about how great everything looked. Annalee got her ballerina themed party and Mama didn't break the bank. Success! :)
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