Friday, September 9, 2011

Ice Cream, You Scream!

Hello Auntie Lolo Readers!  It's me--Lindsay and I'm back to show you another birthday party!  I did this Ice-cream party for my daughter who turned 4 this summer.  Do you see that adorable ice-cream cone hat?  I wish I could take the credit for it, I actually got the idea here, which was my inspiration for the whole party! I did the same invitations and followed along with their ideas as well.  (Love that website!)

So, the little girl parties are the funnest to decorate for me, because I get to use anything frilly or colorful :)  I've had these tissue poms for a while (they're actually from my sister's wedding!) and this was probably the 5th time I've used them--the birthday banner I made out of cupcake liners.  "Auntie Lolo" actually cut out the banners and letters for me on her cricut and then I just decorated with glitter.  I hung the whole thing on some baker's twine (I am so obsessed with baker's twine--and I have no idea why!  It's just string!!!)

See that cute polka dot circle garland?  I actually found those on pottery barn clearance for $6--can you believe it?!?  Such a lucky find!

For party favors, I found these cute ice cream cups at a baking supply store in town and just filled them with some of Kennedy's favorite candies.  Then wrapped them in some guessed it...twine :)

So...I was going to try to decorate the cake like they did on the One Charming Party website that I told you about earlier...but I was a little afraid of ruining the whole thing.  You see, I have these grand and glorious visions and when it comes to decorating cakes, they almost never come to pass.  I was happy with drippy chocolate, and so I left it at that :)

 Want to know another thing I am obsessed with?  Cake banners.  So cute!  Just paper scraps, stickers and ribbon.  I attached them to wooden skewers.

And my mom made these ice-cream cone chocolate suckers for me.  Nice, huh?  They turned out really cute and the girls were thrilled to get to take one home with them!

And what's an ice-cream party without an ice-cream bar?  Lots of yummy toppings for the girls to choose from.  They were all nice and sugared up by the time they went home!

Our first activity was to make bracelets.  The girls got to string their own beads and then we tied them up for them with colorful ribbons.  They were a big hit!

Then we played Ice-Cream Freeze.  I turned on some fun music and they danced until the music stopped, and then they struck an elaborate "freeze" position.  It was fun, and a good way to get out the wiggles!

Lastly, I let them decorate their bowls of ice-cream and eat cake.  One word of advice: go for vanilla ice-cream.  I don't know why I chose chocolate, but I had to scrub the stains out of my table cloth for 4 washings--and they're still not completely gone!  Any tips???

It was a super fun and easy party!  Everyone had fun and we left the decorations up all week!

Hope you enjoyed the party!!!

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  1. Ding!!! I am the first to post!!! What a great birthday party, such a beautiful little four year old.....a very loving and dedicated mother to spend so much time on her daughter's birthday, but those are dear memories and wonderful traditions. Surprised there isn't an older brother sticking his face into the photos :)


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