Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love this Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Here are some great craft projects for you...
Ana White teaches us how to make a flip down wall mounted desk! I just discovered her blog and I LOVE IT. 
Everything Etsy brings us a list of 25 Handmade Gifts for Men, who we all know are the hardest people to make/buy for.
That Village House made a Vintage Baseball Scoreboard (knockoff from Pottery Barn) and gives us a tutorial!  
Learn how to make lined envelopes from Sew Kate Sew (featured on Ucreate)
Learn how to make your own blue jars over at Not JUST a Housewife


The Polkadot Chair guest posts over at eighteen25 and teaches us how to make this gorgeous runner made out of burlap!  
I love this wreath from Joy is at Home and I cannot wait to make one for my front door! 
Everything Etsy has another handy list for us! I love making handmade ornaments and now I have tons to choose from.

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