Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Post: A Behind the Scenes Look at Auntie Lolo Crafts

Everybody’s heard the old saying, “Behind every good man, there’s a great woman.”  Well there’s also a slightly less well known saying that goes, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” If you ask me I think the second is more fitting when it comes to Auntie Lolo.  Truthfully this woman doesn’t need much support but when my wife called for guest posts I have to admit I secretly wanted to be picked.  Part of it is because it’s a creative outlet for me to write.  Another part wanted to let you all in on a behind the scenes look at the Auntie Lolo Craft world. 

When I met Auntie Lolo all those many years ago she had one hobby that I was made immediately aware of – she was a scrapbook-a-holic.  Naturally I did what every guy does when trying to impress a woman . . . I tried scrapbooking.  (There I said it and it feels good!!!!)  I failed miserably.  I found her best friend and enlisted her help to save my futile attempt at a present for my then girlfriend.  It was then that I learned the real talent it takes to be crafty and creative and to take an everyday object and turn it into something presentable.  I would later make one more attempt at scrapbooking and take some of the honeymoon photos from our trip to Vegas and turn them into a memory.  Let’s just leave it at you can tell which pages I did and which ones Auntie Lolo has done. 
Occasionally I’m called in as a consultant but let’s be honest . . . . it’s more out of pity than actual necessity.  While we were dating she had a class where she had to put a vistor’s guide together for a foreign country.  She chose where I served my mission for the LDS Church – Nicaragua.  What did I do to help?  I got to draw the little girl (Maria) who was to be the reader’s guide.  It was cute and crafty, and it got her an “A”.  Let’s look at another case in point:  Last Christmas our nieces and nephews asked for stuffed owls that my wife sews out of felt.  The picture on the left is her rendition; the one on the right is mine!

As you can see hers is much better.  Mine was a feeble attempt at snow camouflage for our 12 year old nephew so his didn’t seem so girly.  Not my best work.  About the only positive thing I contribute to the Auntie Lolo Craft world is paint.  That’s right . . . . paint.  Since I work for Glidden we have an abundance of paint at our house – in all sheens and shades of every color imaginable.  So all the cool colors you see of painted projects – that’s all me!!!! 
So for what it’s worth I will say this.  When I first met Auntie Lolo she wasn’t a mega-superstar crafter.  She wasn’t even a crafter – in fact the only thing she did was scrapbook.  But to be her support during this journey and watch her evolve and has been an unique adventure.  I’ve seen her transform from a grain of sand into a crafting pearl.  She’s the epitome of what it means to develop one’s talents – take nothing and turn it into something.  Heck, I’ve even learned some things.  Since being married to Auntie Lolo I’ve learned to sew, cut fabric, and even use the Cricut machine – although I still need a guiding hand like a two year old learning to color for the first time.  But it’s an adventure nonetheless.  So for all the husbands and significant others of theses crafters, I salute you fellow bicycles for fish.  Your job is important.  Even if all you do is supply the paint. 


  1. LOVED getting to hear a husband's viewpoint. I must say, though, that I think your owl is awesome as well! Looks like Lois is rubbing off on you, whether you know it or not. Thank you for sharing your wife with the rest of the world!

  2. I love that pink floyd quote! Jeremy is always saying that to me as well :) I have missed reading posts from you! You are a great writer :) Love the pearl analogy and I love your owl--Bridger would be in owl heaven with that thing!

  3. That is so sweet, Uncle Doug :) I really love your owl, it is very manly! You are a wonderful, valiant support system to Auntie Lolo and you are right, she has evolved into a crafting pearl!!! You are awesome :)

  4. My hubby too is a terrific helper and I need to have him write a post! You are so blessed to have someone that embraces what you do! Happy weekend!


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