Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post: A Craft to help your child read & a giveaway!

I'm Joey from!  I'm so excited to be the guest blogger this week!  I have a few great giveaways and hopefully a few good posts, too!

Our first grader loves to read!  We have a few leveled books but recently, we signed up on Readinga-z - Your Reading Resource Center, to get addition help.  Now we have a pile of books that tip over, if they ever all get back into the same place.  So, to add a little style to our stack, I designated a basket for all our leveled reading books.

Here's a disclaimer and a secret ...

The disclaimer is, I'm not a crafting expert.

The secret is, no matter what your skill level is, you can use what you have and make whatever you want.  I used to procrastinate or avoid projects because I either didn't have the skill or the supplies to do what I wanted.  And sometimes, when I try to recreate ideas I see, I get so disappointed that I can't do it just how I had imagined. 

So even though I am a novice crafter, my advice is to not compare your project with the pictures of an experienced crafter.  You see, I imagine my projects turning out so beautifully but my disappointment is unnecessary, because my family and friends don't get to see the pictures I based my project from.  And, the most frequent comments I get are, "That's so cool that you made something like that."  People appreciate effort more than anything else.  And kids appreciate anything, really.  

This little reading basket was born out of necessity and my brain.  I don't like baskets very much, but our first grader loves that she has this all for herself!
Supplies I found in my basement - ribbon, glue, buttons, letters, cupcake holders, paint, a basket a gift came in, and one lonely piece of yellow paper.

Duck Tape comes in all kinds of colors and designs now, so I used this butterfly pattern to cover the staples on the books I printed.

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  1. Loved it! This post is an excellent idea! I have been thinking what to bring to my child's class, andthisis awesomely perfect! TFS
    Have a great day!
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