Friday, March 30, 2012

Guest Post: Handy Helper Tutorial with Lacey!

Hi y’all! I am thrilled to be guest-hosting again for Auntie Lolo’s Crafts today. I am Lacey Camp, a life-long crafter, who has now become a blog and Pinterest addict! I love to do all kinds of needlework. I use this handy helper just about every day. Not only does this keep my embroidery scissors in sight and close by but I use the pouch to catch snippets from the thread that I am constantly cutting. I have also been known to pack my floss and other embroidery aids inside the pouch when going on a trip.

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Emily, my daughter, is wearing the finished product here. You can shorten your ribbon; however, I like it this long so that I can easily grab my scissors while sewing.

one sheet of embossed felt (you can make two handy helpers with this!)
some Velcro
38” of ribbon

This is a very easy craft. You can glue everything together or you can sew it together. If you will cut the embossed felt in two length-wise, you will have enough left to make another helper! Let’s begin by cutting your felt in two. Now cut 2-1/2” off the end. When you fold the felt piece in half, the folded part will be the bottom of your helper. All you need to do now is sew the sides and attach the ribbon.

I sew the Velcro to the end of the ribbon first. Begin by folding your ribbon back just a tiny bit (to keep it from fraying). You will do this on the unprinted side of the ribbon. Now attach the soft part of Velcro over the folded ribbon (the Velcro should overlap the fold of the ribbon). Position the tacky end of the Velcro 1” down the ribbon from the soft end of the Velcro. You need that inch so that your scissors’ handle will easily hang between these two pieces of Velcro.

Taking the other end of the ribbon, fold your ribbon back again at the very top to keep it from fraying. Attach that end of the ribbon to the back inside of the pouch. Since my ribbon is only printed on one side, it is important here to have the pretty side facing you as you sew it onto the inside of the pouch. If you choose a regular grosgrain ribbon without a print, you won’t have to worry about how it hangs. Emily and I fell in love with this giraffe ribbon once we saw how it matched the giraffe-y pattern on the embossed felt. We found them both at Michael’s. This is how your ribbon should look once it’s attached to the pouch. Note that the ribbon on the pouch has been attached to the back inside of the pouch.

Once your ribbon is attached, you are ready to finish the pouch. Sew both sides together with the felt wrong sides out. Once you are finished with that, turn the felt right side out and iron the pouch so that your pouch is flat. Be sure to put another cloth on top of the felt when ironing. If you have any edges sticking out of the top of the pouch, trim them at an angle and they will lie flat.

Attach some embroidery scissors and you are ready to go! You could embellish the outside of the pouch if desired. I thread my spare needles through the outside front of mine so that I can always find something to sew with.

Thanks for reading! If you loved this project, please pin it! Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them here and I will respond through Auntie Lolo. Thank you to Lois for allowing me the opportunity to guest host this month. I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have!

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  1. Being an avid needleworker, I certainly know the merits of this handy helper. What a great, quick, and easy project to make and gift to other needleworkers! Thanks for sharing this idea!


  2. A clever idea that will be very helpful.

  3. Very Cool. Can you make my mom one? She is always losing her sissors. :-)

  4. Very Cool! Can you make one for my mom she is always losing her scissors.


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