Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post: The Winthrop Chronicles favorite projects!

Hey guys! I'm Sarah from The Winthrop Chronicles and I'm so happy to be guest blogging here while Auntie Lolo is on vacation. She has so many amazing ideas and projects, so I am so glad she asked me to write up a little post about some of my favorite projects.

Here are some of the most viewed projects from my blog I hope you enjoy!

Diy tulip skirt. I wanted a skirt this color, but just couldn't find one, so I braved the sewing machine and decided to make one. 

I love making scarves. This is an infinity scarf tutorial, it was pretty easy to make, so easy that I started selling them at my esty shop. Now I just have to get some lighter scarf material for the summer weather. 

As I went through my clothes boxes in the attic, I found a lot of t-shirts. Instead of donating them all, I used some to make these little baby hats. It's a really easy way to up cycle some of your old clothing.

While perusing Michael's I found these darling wood frames. I knew I had to have one. Here is a hair bow holder that I made with the frame, some chicken wire and a piece of ribbon. 

This is a really easy way to personalize some art work in your home, by using a thrifted picture frame, some left over scrap book paper, scrap material and wooden letters. 

I love baking cakes, and wanted some more cake plates. Instead of buying them, I made some. I used {mostly} thrifted items to make them.

When I was making over my daughter's room, I wanted to put up a picture of her on the wall. I printed off a picture of her and glued it to a piece of wood and then sanded it down a little to make this photo on wood wall hanging.

This is one of the first things I made for my baby girl. I needed a shirt to match some black leggings I bought her and so I came up with the pleated peasant shirt. It's so fun seeing her in clothes that I actually made.

I love buying cute clothes for my kids, but sometimes can't get myself to buy expensive things that I know will just end up stained or ripped. I decided to up grade some of their clothing by making simple changes like adding a leather patch on the elbows and new buttons. Now they can look like J Crew clothes at the price of Old Navy.

These flower pins are some of my new favorite things. I make them to attach to a headband, also as a sweater pin and also as a scarf pin. They are such a cute accessory and I seriously can't have enough!

Happy crafting!

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