Monday, July 12, 2010

Stay Cool

I love this idea for a neighbor gift or something to take to the ladies you Visit Teach. Or if you were just thinking of someone and wanted to take them a fun present. The idea comes from Eighteen 25 Here is the link for printing the tag.

Teacher Gift

I saw these on a blog a few years ago and one of these days I will make one! I even bought two boxes of crayons at Wal-Mart last week just for this project. They are 24 cents right now, so I thought I would take advantage :) The idea came from Testosterone Times Three

Pottery Barn Inspired Wreath

This Pottery Barn inspired Christmas wreath is again from Made with Love and Glue :) If you click on the link she gives you a tutorial on making the "Pottern Barn" wreath for $4.00. I love it!! The first picture is the $4.00 wreath. The second picture is the Pottery Barn wreath.

CTR Towels

Yes Made with Love and Glue is officially my new favorite blog. Click on the link to see a tutorial on how to make these adorable CTR towel's. Here is the link for the CTR print out and the Poem she included with the towel.

Valentine's Scrabble Tile Frame

Ok I realize this is out of season but I am basically in love with everything on this new blog I found Made with Love and Glue I saw this idea last Valentine's Day but didn't have the right scrabble tiles to make it. I am determined to make it this year. And even though it's not even close to Valentine's Day, I had to post this.

Cutest Baby Shower Gift EVER!!

I will be making this VERY SOON!! It's so so so so cute and such a great idea for a gift. And I found it on a really great blog I have never been to. It's called Made with Love & Glue

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I found in the bathroom :)

I was at my friend Christy's house the other night and saw this in her bathroom! I love it and want to make one of course. She bought it and it's not vinyl but I think I could take a piece of wood, paint it, then cut the vinyl I want out on my cricut and it would look pretty similiar. Now, I've got to decide on a quote or scripture. :)

What I've been crafting......

Here is what I've been up to the last few weeks. I finally finished a 4th of July tea towel I started awhile back. I bought the tea towels at Wal-Mart and ironed on the stars. Then I stitched around them. Very easy!

I made the "Be" Blocks at a craft night one of the girls at church organized. We sanded the blocks, painted them black, sanded the edges, then put the vinyl sayings on. Also very easy!


My favorite thing to do these days is make cards. I made the one that says "Hi" for a lady at church I visit once a month (called Visiting Teaching). The card that says, "Love Ya" is for a friend at church who is in the hospital. The card with penguins that says, "You Rock" is a sort of get well card for my sister Francis. The animal card is just for my stash, it will probably be part of a baby shower present.

I will try and take better pictures in the future! These are from my phone. Please email me or leave a comment if you want to show what you have been crafting or find a great idea on the web!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vinyl on Canvas Tutorial

I have been wanting to use my Cricut to do something like this but wasn't sure how to, well thanks to Little Birdie Secrets I know how! Can't wait to try it out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sheep Magnets

My Mother loves sheep like I love bunnies (which is a whole lot!) My BFF Kara sent this link to me, knowing my Mom would love these sheep! They are super cute! Kara is going to make a whole barnyard set of magnets, inspired by these, I can't wait to see them. The blog these were featured on is called Fowl Single File

Initial Plaque

Anytime I can use Modge Podge, I am happy girl. So I of course love this tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets (one of my all time favorite blogs) on doing an Initial Plaque. I had never seen one but it's so cute and looks very easy. Especially if you have a cricut or silhouette to cut the little initial out. But....don't fear, you don't have to have a cricut to make it. Just get a chipboard letter or something similar!

I love this "J" she did too with the stripe.....

Burp Cloths

I can't wait to make these! Craftaholics Anonymous has a great tutorial on how to make what they call, "Super duper easy burp cloths". I really don't sew, but these look like something even I could do! I have lots of material to make these with so one of these days I am going to try it out!

The cutest bibs you have ever seen.

 Are you ready to see the cutest bibs on earth? Well prepare yourself! My BFF Lindsay sent this link to me, she made some already (but didn't take a picture, bad bad lindsay) and she is already itching to make more. She said they are super easy. Here is the website she got the idea from A Quilt is Nice

Thursday, July 8, 2010


My BFF from high school is an amazing crafter. She is super talented!! Her name is Julliana and she is just one of the most creative people I've ever known. Her blog is fabulous! She has tutorials on digital scrapbooking, great ideas and super cute pictures of her son Ben. She has an Etsy Shop which I also love. One of the items is an FHE Jar. For just $5 you get 50 prompts (song, prayer, scripture, topic) and the cute stuff on the outside of the jar in a PDF file you print off your computer. She donated the PDF file to a craft fair I had for my sister this year and we sold so many! I bought one but I haven't been able to print them out yet. I am going to work on making mine this week because I just bought a new printer cartridge, finally! I am so excited! I will post a picture and show you how it turns out. Her etsy shop is called JuBean Designs.

Button Headband

I am in love with buttons. And buttons on a headband? Even better! Please check out Little Miss Momma for a super easy tutorial on how to make a button headband. I think I am going to have to round up my buttons and make some of these with the Young Women this summer!

Perfect for a barbeque this summer......

Who doesn't love adorable condiment bottles? Well, check out My Blonde Ambitions Blog if you do! I love these and as soon as I find some condiment bottles I will be making some.

Spiced Up Hooded Towel

I follow a blog called Obsessively Stitching, not because I stitch anything but because they have really cute stuff on it. :) Like this, the "spiced up" hooded towel. I love it!

Click on the link above for the tutorial on how to make one.

Dinosaur Play Mat

One day while blog hopping I came across this amazing blog. Serving Pink Lemonade And I fell in love! One of the many amazing ideas on this blog was the felt Dinosaur Play Mat.

It's the perfect size too, 8 1/2 x 11, just the right size for fold down trays on an airport or for your lap! If you click on the link above you will also find a tutorial on how to make it. It looks really easy and I can't wait to make one for a nephew or two :)

q.a. DESIGN - Etsy Shop

I love love love this etsy shop!! Maybe it's because we've lived in a few states and move around a lot. Maybe it's because the stuff is darling. I want a 5x7 of every state we've lived in!! And the prices are really great too! Check out the site here And I couldn't help but post some of my favorites.....

P.S. None of the hearts in these photos are over the places we've lived but the great thing is, the site will move the heart over the city of your choice. :)

Papertrey Ink

I have a new favorite website to order paper and ribbon from. It's called Papertrey Ink and it rocks this world. My Pink Stamper introduced me and I'm so glad she did!! The first thing I ordered was their "Perfect Match Cardstock Sampler". It's only $10 and it comes with 2 sheets (50 sheets total) of each of their perfect match cardstock which is 110 lb, the heaviest cardstock in the industry!! It's so thick you won't believe it!! It is great for making cards and stamps go on it like a dream, it's super smooth.

The second thing I ordered was ribbon. My Pink Stamper uses their ribbon for most of the cards she makes and it's so cute! I wasn't expecting it to be so cheap too! It's only $3 for 5 yards. The first picture is to show you what style of ribbon I got (Swiss Dot Satin Ribbon) but the second picture is the color (Berry Sorbet) of ribbon I got. They have 5 different styles for each color.

They have gorgeous patterned paper as well and beautiful stamps. Here is a picture of some of the paper I want.....You get 36 sheets for $8! That is a really great price!

I plan on buying much more from this website in the future instead of having to buy from Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I hope you enjoy the website too!

Monday, July 5, 2010

MooShee on Etsy

I found this shop today through one of my favorite blogs, Oops I craft my pants. Love the name right?

I love the prints in MooShee's shop, especially this one

and this one

Fun way to brighten things up for summer!

Happy Crafting!
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