Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Pins...

It's time for this week's Pins! 

P.S. If anyone can come up with a better name than "Friday's Pin's" there might be a prize for you :) 

It almost makes me want to do dishes....almost :)
How many family members could I buy this for? I stopped counting...And if my hubby wasn't a Seminole this would be in my house right now :)
Make a wreath form for under 97 cents! 
I love this mantle! And it's made with things from the dollar tree which is my favorite right now for Halloween decor. I didn't see those candelabras when I went today but now I'm going to have to go back! 
Yes please!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Love Etsy Thursday!

I found a really cool shop to show you guys today! It's different, unique and basically awesome. :) 
Alexandra Ferguson describes themselves a "sassy little pillow company" and they are right! But their pillows are also made out of 100 percent post consumer recycled felt, which makes them even more awesome. Here see for yourself...

Aren't these pillows great?! Alexandra Ferguson has tons more, so make sure you check them out!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Prints Wednesday....

I love, love, love free prints! This week I decorated my house for Halloween and I printed off several free prints that look so great with my other Halloween decorations. I hope you find some that you love today too! 

 A Year of FHE put together 15 Free General Conference Activities for this weekend! 
Tattered and Inked made this gorgeous print in several colors!
I love this print from Simple As That and there is another fabulous print she made in the same post as an added bonus! 
Walt Disney was a smart man! I love this print from Creative Kristi 
Kiki Creates (love her!) shared her awesome family tradition and a free print! 


The Creative Paige made this super cute print for your front porch! 
Blooming Homestead made 2 great printables for Halloween! The pumpkin above comes in several different colors and I have already printed the crow below and framed it :)

P.S. Anyone wondering about the facebook group, "Put Ryan Hallett on Free Prints Wednesdays"? Well they are up to 89 members! If you would like to join the revolution, go HERE. :)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkin Button Art

I have truly become obsessed with making things out of buttons! It all started with THIS egg. Then I made THIS, THIS and THIS. Well now, we have a button Pumpkin!
And here's how I made it...

I started with this frame that I bought for $1.99 at Joann's, 90% off, I knew it had potential! 

Can you believe the original price?! Yikes!
Here is a shot of the back...
I just ripped the middle piece out and then wrapped it in burlap and taped it. 
I found an image online of a pumpkin that I liked and I printed & cut it out and traced it onto the burlap using a fine tip sharpie. If you are using darker burlap, I would use chalk. 
Now it's time to basically put the puzzle together. I put the buttons down where I think they will look good and then switch them around until they fit as well as they can. 
Aren't these buttons gorgeous?! 
After all the buttons are put in place, I then use a little dab of super glue on the back of each button. The reason? It holds the buttons in place while you are stitching them and hot glue in my opinion would be a more painful and messy option.

When they are all glued down, simply lift the burlap off the board you taped it to and stitch all the buttons. I used 3 strands of embroidery floss. 

And then you have this.... 

Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention that I painted the frame white :) Did you notice? 

I love my pumpkin button art and I think it definitely looks better than the original :) 

I am linking this project to THESE parties 

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Love this Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Here are some great craft projects for you...
Ana White teaches us how to make a flip down wall mounted desk! I just discovered her blog and I LOVE IT. 
Everything Etsy brings us a list of 25 Handmade Gifts for Men, who we all know are the hardest people to make/buy for.
That Village House made a Vintage Baseball Scoreboard (knockoff from Pottery Barn) and gives us a tutorial!  
Learn how to make lined envelopes from Sew Kate Sew (featured on Ucreate)
Learn how to make your own blue jars over at Not JUST a Housewife


The Polkadot Chair guest posts over at eighteen25 and teaches us how to make this gorgeous runner made out of burlap!  
I love this wreath from Joy is at Home and I cannot wait to make one for my front door! 
Everything Etsy has another handy list for us! I love making handmade ornaments and now I have tons to choose from.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Photo Wall

A few weeks ago I finally put together our family photo wall. I had most of the frames already but they were in other places around the house. The others I collected over a few months. Most of them came from Hobby Lobby and where half off, but a few came from the dollar store and walmart!

I wanted this wall to kind of represent what my husband and I are all about. Instead of recent family photos, I wanted to put  photos from our marriage and our favorite photos of our grandparents. Okay and one of our cat :) I am still working on getting photos of my husband's grandparents so while we wait, I just filled the frames with more photos of us :) 
Normally, when hanging photos, I just hold the photo up to the wall and say, "Eh, that looks okay" and then end up nailing it in the wrong spot. :) This time I decided to be smarter (and put less holes in the wall).
I got some craft paper (or mailing paper) from the dollar store for $1.00 and just laid all the frames down and traced them. 
After that, I cut them out and taped them to the wall where I thought they would look nice. It was so amazing to be able to just un-tape the paper and move it to another spot. 
I also labeled each piece of paper so that I could tell what was in the frames because some of them were similar in shape. 
My cat Murphy was a huge help during this process....
 Here is the finished photo wall...
And here is a photo that I labeled for you so that you can see what is in all the photos...
Now that's it done, it makes me so happy every time I see it :) 

I am linking this project up to these parties! 

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