Thursday, January 6, 2011

Princess Crown & Batman Mask #2

My BFF Kara's kids are my adopted niece and nephew.
For Christmas I made Mira(2) a felt Princess Crown and Solomon(3) a batman mask. HERE is the link to the princess crown. It was really easy to cut out of felt and sew. I used
 my Cricut to cut an "M" out of purple fabric and then just ironed it on. It was really easy to cut the fabric out and
 I will definitely be doing it more often. 
 I made Solomon a batman mask because I gave him a superhero cape a few months ago and I thought it would go together nicely. The store was out of normal black felt but they had a black felt with texture that made the mask look really cool! HERE is a link to the original batman mask post where you can find instructions.

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