Monday, March 7, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Frame Tutorial

I had so much fun making THIS Valentine's Frame I decided to make another one for St. Patrick's Day. The total cost for the project was $1.50, love that! I purchased the wood frame at Michael's for $1.00 (they are always this price) and the scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents.

Here is a tutorial so that you can make it too: 

Step 1: Trace the outside and inside of the frame on the scrapbook paper of our choice. I did this on the back so that I didn't have pencil lines. Cut out paper and set aside.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to entire
 top of the frame. The trick is not to wait too long to
put the paper on top of the modge podge and not to
put too much modge podge on the frame.
The photo above is what your frame should look like when the modge podge is applied correctly.

Step 3: Apply the paper you cut earlier to the top of the frame, use something (an old credit card, etc) to smooth the paper down onto the frame, working from the inside out. This will ensure that you don't have bubbles. If you have bubbles then you either put way too much modge podge or not enough. Let dry approx. 10 minutes.

Optional Step 4: Take a black marker and outline your frame. Let marker dry for 10 minutes before going to next step.

Step 5: Apply a thin layer a modge podge on top of the paper, in the photo above you can see what it should look like. If any bubbles appear, you can try to smooth them down but be careful not to rip your paper.

Step 6: While your frame is trying, glue a piece of cardstock on top of the square that came in the middle of the frame.

Step 7: Put something in the middle of the frame.
I chose to cut "Luck O' the Irish" out of the cricut
cartridge "Celebrate with Flourish". If you don't have
 a Cricut or this cartridge, anything St. Patty's Day
 related would be cute inside the frame!

Step 8: Your Done! Drink a diet coke (or your favorite drink) to celebrate! :)

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