Friday, March 4, 2011

Wedding Ideas Please!

No silly I'm not getting married, my cousin is! :)
I am trying to help her come up with ideas for the wedding/reception and it's been a long time since my wedding so I need help! Please please please leave a comment if you have seen anything cute at weddings lately or something you loved from your own wedding. In fact, leave a comment with something you would do different from your wedding as well! Thank you in advance! 
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  1. I made a cute "sign-in" book for my ex step-son and his wife...the book was a big hit... people standing in line could look at the engagement and bridal pictures while they waited in line

  2. Look at they have a ton of tutorials and ideas. Also Martha Stewart is always a good one too.

    We had one of our engagement pictures framed with a wide mat and used that as our sign in book. I like it because it is something we actually put up and look at instead of a plain book that will get put away.

  3. I made up some 12x12" scrapbook pages in our wedding colors (with embellishments and love-y quotes) and stuck some 8x11" vellum on each page for the guests to sign in. That way, they fit right into our wedding scrapbook.

    At my cousin's wedding reception, they had a buffet set up around 10pm with hot wings, grilled cheeses, Gatorade, etc. I thought it was super practical and a way cute reminder of our college nights!


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