Friday, May 20, 2011

What I've been up to!

I mentioned on Tuesday that I started working in my Aunt's cake shop. I thought I would show you some photos of things we've been doing lately. Keep in mind they are taken with my cell phone. I've been having so much fun working in the cake shop and learning new things. I just made a facebook page for the shop so feel free to "like" it (click HEREso that you can see the latest cakes we do. Also HERE is her website, which is fun to look through as well!
I couldn't stop "baby talking" this cake as I made it's cute little tootsies!! Do you blame me?!
Lily Pulitzer Style Cake
Groom's Cake
Upclose photo of the little dude climbing the mountain. It was the first person I ever made out of fondant. They wanted a bandanna on his head, that's what the red thing is.
Florida Gator Groom's Cake. I was thrilled to make this one since I am a huge Gator fan! I painted the logo on fondant after tracing the design on with a knife.
Fun Birthday Cake!
My first character cake. I took this photo before I added the pink lips which made it way cuter!
We do a lot of zebra print cakes, they are fun to make! Here is one of the first ones I did.

Let me know if you enjoyed seeing these photos and I will upload more in the future! I hope you have a great weekend,
 I am off to Georgia for my niece Annalee's 5th birthday
party and her ballet recital! So fun!! My sister is doing a ballerina themed birthday party and I can't wait to see all the cute decorations. She always does fabulous birthday parties and I'll be sure to post lots of photos afterwards in case you have a ballerina party coming up and need ideas!

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