Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Prints Wednesday....

Ready for some super cute Halloween prints?! 
I have so many that I've been saving up just for you! Oh and a little "bonus" free print....

I printed this immediately after seeing it and it's so spooky! Download yours at Less Cake, More Frosting

I love all the colors in this free print from Itsy Bitsy Paper

I used this Halloween Parade Print from Vana Chupp, as part of my Halloween Decorations. I printed it off my computer and framed it. But you can also do this...
The tutorial is on page 35 of The Party Dress Magazine

Halloween Paper Dolls shared on Tip Junkie, made by Tricia-Rennea. Note: The image above is in grey scale per Tip Junkie but once you download the free files they are clear and crisp! 

 Free Calendar Printable by I Heart Naptime

Remember how my friend Ryan decided he really wanted to be on "Free Prints Wednesday" and he even went so far as to make a facebook group devoted to it? Well, it's his birthday and the group did hit 102 followers so I decided there was no better time to introduce the world to the great artist, Ryan Hallett...
This work of art is entitled " It's a Puppy"

Y'all just remember you saw his work here first :)


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