Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi, Remember Me?

I feel like after taking more than a week off blogging (accidently) that I should introduce myself! Geeez! 

You know when you make plans and then everything falls apart? Yep, it's been like that around here. 

First of all I should explain that I preparing for my first ever Craft Fair! It's this Saturday at a local church and I am so excited. And scared. And freaked out. And anxious. Okay you get the picture.

Two weeks ago, I was not stressed. Why? Well my Aunt (whom I work for) was going on a cruise for a week, so that meant I would have a week off to prepare for the craft fair! 

Oh but then the MOTHER OF ALL MIGRAINE'S came. And stayed. And stayed. And stayed. And went. Came back. Stayed more. I even had to cancel my Halloween party with my nephews and their friends, which I look forward to all year. Seriously bummer. 

So let's fast forward (anyone still reading this?) After a cancelled Halloween Party, 5 days of the worst migraine I have ever even thought of having, I am finally feeling decent and ready to cut a bunch of vinyl for my Craft Fair. 

My Cricut Won't Work. Nope, Not Kidding.

To be fair, my cricut with it's cartridges will work, but my software Sure Cuts A Lot, will not. And that's where I had saved all my vinyl designs. So I decide to plug in my Gypsy and try and use that. Nope, not working either. So after about 5 hours trying to fix the computer, talking to tech support, hubby taking apart Cricut, we think we have figured out that it's the USB Serial Port in the back of my Cricut that is not working. No, I have no clue how we are going to fix that BUT, good news my Aunt bought my old "baby bug" Cricut from me when I got my expression so I have a backup I can pick up tomorrow. 

And I'm telling you right now that if that doesn't work, things are not going to be pretty people. 

Here were the high points of my week...

I updated my Etsy Shop and made some new Christmas Tree Button Art that I'm really excited about. I also just added some burlap banners for CHEAP!  Here I'll add some photos so that this isn't a totally boring post. 

Burlap JOY Banner for $5.00!

Thankful Banner $8.00!

Saturday I was finally able to make it to Wal-Mart for groceries and I picked up two small pumpkins for my husband and I to paint. I am such a fan of this painted pumpkin trend that is going on right now. So much easier!!! We had a good time painting ours tonight. I will show you my husbands (he LOVES captain america)...

So are you guys ready for a Reggie the Pig update? I am totally obsessed with this pig. I was able to go out twice this week and sit on the ground and bond with him and it was so much fun! He will finally let me pet him (scratch him) a little behind the ear when I am giving him treats. At first I went to pet the top of his head and he squealed and ran like I was trying to kill him. Apparently pigs don't like that! He is SO jumpy and so scared of my hand above his head that I really think his previous owner hit him. So I just sit on the ground and try to earn his trust by letting him slobber all over my pants and hands. Yes, pigs slobber like dogs sometimes :) 
Here are some recent pictures....
 Oh that pig, seriously adorable.
I think he grew his winter coat in and it gave him a Mo-Hawk for a few days. I am not sure if pigs get winter coats but our mini horses got theirs a few weeks ago and at the same time I noticed Reggie's hair growing like crazy and sticking up like this :) 

I am learning A LOT about pigs. For example, Reggie likes to make reallllllllly loud snorting sounds in the morning and during the day outside our window just to say hi. It actually sounds more like a cow mooing than a pig snorting. It is CRAZY loud. 

Okay so enough about my adorable pig. I could talk about him all day. Just wanted to give you guys the highlights of my otherwise sad week. 

I have a BIG giveaway from a little company named oh, SHABBY APPLE coming up (can you believe it?!) so stay tuned for that!!

I am joining these burlap crafts to a super fun link up here:

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  1. I'm so sorry--I get migraines, too, so I can really empathize with you there. Hang in there! Impressive pumpkin, and what a cute lil' piggie! Good luck getting the craft fair complete!

  2. Oh man, what a week! I had a migraine once that sent me to the hospital. Turned out that I had abused my poor back/neck muscles and they were sending "referred pain" to my head. I say try to find a great massage therapist and let them work on you for an hour. (or two. or three!)

  3. ps - when I say sent me to the hospital, I mean - I was admitted for a WEEK. For a stupid headache. And had massage therapy one hour every other day for 4 sessions (would have done more if I had the cash). So yeah, I totally understand, chickie! Glad you're feeling better.

  4. I am so sorry about everything Lois! Stupid headache, and can't believe that about your cricut! That's horrible! Good luck, I know you'll pull it off with flying colors :)

  5. Thanks for linking up to the burlap party at WhisperWood Cottage! I like all the burlap projects you've created. The button trees are adorable!


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