Thursday, October 13, 2011

What to do about Thursdays????? And our new pig :)

I need your advice. 
I'm not loving "We Love Etsy Thursdays" 
So I need to know...
Do you guys love it?
Or would you rather see something else?
If you love it, I will keep it. 

But until we figure out what to do on Thursday's I thought I would introduce you to the newest addition...

Reginald the Pig
Reggie showed up in our front yard last Saturday. My husband came in from checking the mail and said, "There is a pig in our yard...." But he said it ran away so I didn't think more about it. Then a few hours later he goes outside, comes back in and says, "I need my camera to take a picture of Reginald." I said, "Who the heck is Reginald?!". My hubby says, "The pig!". So funny. Well the next day he was still hanging out by our pasture and I discovered he is very friendly so I let him in our pasture with the horses and now he's ours. I went and bought him "pig food" at the feed store and he's very happy with it :)
My friend who knows about pigs says he looks like a baby pot bellied pig. If you know anything about pigs, please leave me a comment!! We are new to having a pig as a pet so we are relying on google for all our info :)

Our mini horses, Pattycake and Baker's Girl don't seem to mind Reggie for the most part. Sometimes they get annoyed because he follows them around like they are his Mother but I would get annoyed with that too so I understand. 
Patty and Baker are starting to get their winter coats and they are sooooo cute and fuzzy right now. Here is a gorgeous picture of Patty. 
A few weeks ago we took 2 kittens and their Mother from my sister's backyard and relocated them to our pasture. The kittens live under and around a dog house that is right by the backdoor. I recently discovered that the horses have been eating their food so I put it at the very very back of the dog house. Then yesterday I caught Reggie climbing into the dog house to eat their food too. Seriously?! So now the kittens eat on the whole other side of the fence. Safe from pigs and horses. 
Unfortunately their Mother hates them. Not even kidding. But, she is basically a kitten herself so I can understand why she might associate her kittens with pain. Poor Mama. She is sooooooo sweet and friendly. Always wants to be petted. She has found herself a place to live far away from the kittens in my Grandpa's old shop. 
Can you believe how many animals we now have?! 

 But we can't forget our one inside animal, my cat of 14+ years and the love of our lives, Murphy. 
Here he is sitting in a rocking chair. Could he be any cuter?!

I hope you enjoyed meeting all our animals! And seriously, please leave a comment if you have any pig advice! 
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  1. Totally love the pig!!! who else but Auntie Lolo could pull that off!! lol Can't wait to see what shows up next...


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