Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Photo A Day Week 1

I've made a decision that I hope y'all like. I've decided to share more about my personal life on my little craft blog. Why? Because while I really like seeing people's projects and crafts, I realized I really like seeing fun details about their lives. 

Also, I get A LOT of requests for photos of my pig to be put on my blog. Not even kidding. He is pretty popular! :)

So, I'm totally addicted to this app called Instagram on my iphone.

 Basically you just take photos on your phone and then post them for your friends to see and comment on. They give you fun filters that make your photos look awesome. I post a ridiculous amount of photos of my animals on there :)

A blogger named Fat Mum Slim created this "Photo A Day" challenge. 

 She started it in January but I didn't join until month. It is seriously so much fun! Here are my photos from this week...

I stopped by my Dad's work to say hi. 


Saw my Dad again on Day 3. I thought something was wrong with my car, turns out there was just a stick under my car. Embarrassing. 

I did a little play on words for this one. I wrote, "It gets stranger and stranger how much I love eggs lately" :)

I just happened to be in the bathroom at church at 10 am. Seriously not planned. 

I made hashbrowns for the first time ever! 

When my Mom and I adopted this cute cat from the pound 15 years ago his name was "Buttons". We didn't really feel like that name fit him so we re-named him Murphy. 

If you want to view all my photos on Instagram or follow me on there click here. My user name is "auntie lolo"

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  1. What a cute idea! I have a few questions though...Do you have to be on twitter to do instagram? How did you get a photo of your inkpad and how do you write on your photos, ie: day one, etc.

    1. Nope, you do not have to have a twitter to be on Instagram. I got a photo of my notepad by pressing the "home" button (bottom circle on iphone) and then press and release the sleep button on the top of the phone at the same time. You will hear a "click" like a photo being taken. Then the photo will be automatically saved in your photo album, cool huh?! I used the website www.picnik.com to write on my photos just for this post. Sadly picnik is going away in April.


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