Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Post: Chore Chart and A Giveaway!

I'm Joey from!  I'm so excited to be the guest blogger this week!  I have some great giveaways and hopefully a few good posts, too!

Supplies from the basement, except the cookie sheet is straight from the kitchen.
 When I got married my husband was so good to me that I have sort of gone downhill in my housekeeping skills.  He took care of so much that now that we are both working full-time, I'm struggling to do my part.  Furthermore, we have two kids who really think it's a good time when they get to help around the house.  As a solution, I came up with the idea to make a magnet chore chart.  I didn't have more than a few dollars to spend on this project so I really had to use what was already in the house.  I am a big supporter of finding projects and crafts to do with the supplies you've already got.  It makes it more unique and interesting.  I don't have all of the fancy equipment, cute paper, stickers, etc., that I envy while I peruse blogs and Pinterest, but I still really like to make things once in a while.
Supplies I bought at the craft store chain  :(  $34.01 - turns out I'm taking back $25 worth - I hate that place.
I couldn't help myself as I wandered through Jo-Anns looking for Mod Podge and magnets.  The ribbon and stickers I found are so cute!  I guess I was doing really bad math in my head because when I had to hand over my only cash to pay for items that didn't even fill ONE bag, I was disappointed.  Maybe this was a good lesson because when I came home I was determined to not open anything I didn't have to.
I started with some stickers, scrap paper, and rub-ons.
Sometimes I avoid crafting because I don't have the patience to do a really good job.  I take shortcuts wherever I can.  I recommend them because guess what, no one can really afford the time or money to make every project look like the epitome of crafting.  My feelings sometimes are hurt when I can't get perfect results but guess what .... I live.  And furthermore, it's funner to do crafts without my OCD as a companion.  Believe me, OCD tries to be my constant companion.  While we're on the topic, some of my favorite stories are the ones where I screwed something up.  Once while crocheting, what I thought was a dish cloth, I came up with some tube-shaped something with a ruffly bottom that happened to fit my sister's lava lamp PERFECTLY.  See ... I can make stuff.
I used my Silhouette to cut the circles.  I have no idea how to print and cut with that machine so I went old school and wrote the chores by hand.
 I have a Silhouette (which I love) but I really don't know how to do anything but cut stuff out or print something.  I'm certain the machine can do 100 times more than that but either way, it cut out these circles in a blink of the eye.
pretty much the finished project
I glued the circles to magnets, and separated the chores into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.  When the chore is done, we can just flip over the magnet.  Maybe in the future, I can add a cute check mark or something on the reverse side for when it's flipped.  If I had thought about this project more in advance, I would have cut circles in another color for tasks the kids can do.
On the refrigerator.
I may have my husband drill a hole in the top to string a ribbon through.  There's the perfect place to hang this right next to my pantry door.  Until then, I slabbed on a few magnets and put it on the fridge.  Really, whose fridge doesn't need more stuff on it, right?  Am I right?

Anyway, there you have it.

Another giveaway!!!  Meagan makes awesome and unique pieces of jewelry.  We're giving away a silverware bracelet!  Go to here and click like on the picture and then email me at jubbocompany at gmail dot com by Friday, March 16th to tell me you want a bracelet!  Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday, March 17th!!!

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  1. What a great use for cookie sheet! I need one of this charts... I understand the feeling of something not coming out exactly as you pictured it, but I constantly remind myself that " there is no right or wrong way in crafting, only crazy accidents" so no pressure to be perfect here, as long as you enjoy the process and make someone happy with the end result, why worry so much right?
    Have a great day!

  2. Love that you made a great chore chart and that you only used the supplies you actually needed. I tend to try and make a list of my needs and wants(as well as the project I am planning on using them for) and then pick them up as they come on sale and/or I have a coupon to use on them.

  3. Joey here ... If the link for the picture isn't working still go ahead and email me to enter the contest! Meagan may have her profile still private :( We'll work on it.


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