Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Post:

I'm Joey from!  I'm so excited to be the guest blogger this week!  I have some great giveaways and hopefully a few good posts, too!

Bonneville Dialysis Center
This dialysis center took good care of my grandma.  She was a patient there where she had to have dialysis treatments.  My great-grandpa was a patient there, too.  I know that they always were all taken care of and my grandma made some really good friends with some of the other patients.  I appreciate the workers and the patients who were so good to my grandma and great-grandpa.

During dialysis, the patient's blood is cleaned from the waste, filling in for the job of healthy kidneys.  The blood is cooled during this process, which makes it a kind of cold ordeal.  Plus, it's a little boring.  I have fleece blankets that I made for a display while working in a fabric shop, so I decided to finish them up and donate them.  The blankets maybe look a little juvenile but I wanted to find a way to help and I don't really have the money for something more.  

Anyway, if you have a chance and the resources, find the dialysis center nearest to you and donate small lap blankets, handheld games, or some good movies.  Even taking them one blanket is one more than they had before you came!

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  1. Hello again Joey!

    Thank you for reminding us how important is to help and for sharing this week with us.
    Have a wonderful Wknd.
    unikebyyes {at} yahoo {dot} com


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