Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Posting - First Lady of the House

I'm way excited to be guest posting over
 here at Auntie Lolo's Blog today!

I love to do crafts and blog about them despite having 2 small little girls and a very busy husband.

Some of my favorite projects have been my Butterfly Specimen Art, Side Table Re-do, and my Pottery Barn Moss Monogram.

 and I also love my formula can upcycle, I hope you like it too!

 One day I looked at the big Costco sized formula can I was throwing away and wondered what I could do with it. Couldn't think of anything so I chucked it. Then a couple cans later it came to me!! 

Storage bins for my utensils that were getting WAY overcrowded in their current state.

So I started saving up my cans.


Costco Formula Cans
Fabric of Choice
Fray Check

I originally wanted to cover the cans in scrapbooking paper but realized the paper didn't wrap all the way around the cans. So then I decided to go with fabric. I found my fabric at Joanns. I.LOVE.IT!


  • Measure cans and buy enough fabric for the amount of cans you are covering.
  • Trim fabric to the correct amount (I used my rotary cutter and cutting mat.)
  • Fray check your fabric because it will fray and that is not very clean and sleek looking. Let Dry.
  • Once fray check is dry you can start gluing the fabric on the cans. I used E6000 glue but simply because I wanted to see how it would do. I thought maybe using hot glue might be bumpy under the fabric. The E6000 worked well. I let dry overnight.

So, you're done! Put your utensils in and enjoy.

I thought about putting some embellishment on them, but decided I liked the cleaner simple look.

Here's my kitchen...Lots of Green pops of color!

I'm in love with the fabric pattern AND the color.

So what will you do with ALL those used formula cans?!?!

You could even do this with the smaller ones and put pencils or other art supplies in them. Also I had thought about covering the cans in a oil cloth material because it's right next to my stove and I know it will get splashed with grease and food but I couldn't find a cute oil cloth/vinyl fabric.


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