Monday, October 3, 2011

B-O-O Banner

After putting up some of my Halloween Decorations on top of my entertainment center, I realized I needed a banner to go behind it. I made one in less than an hour and it was so easy! Here it is...

And here is how to make your own...


  • Burlap. I got mine at Joann's, it's super cheap!
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie (fine tip and normal) 
  • Card-stock
  • Twine 


1. Make a template/stencil - 

I cut out a triangle on my Cricut that was 7 inches. Then I found a font I liked and printed BOO. You could easily do this on your computer as well.

2. Trace 3 triangles onto your burlap using your fine tip sharpie. 

Because of how rough burlap is, you will have to make small marks until it forms a line. Or you can use your normal sharpie and then use the other side of the triangle so that you don't see the big black outline. 

3. Cut out triangles

4. Trace letters onto burlap using fine tip sharpie

5. I was going to fill in the letters with paint but then I thought it would look the same and be much easier to just color them in with the normal sharpie marker! I'm a lazy crafter, I'll admit, but it still looks great! 

6. Thread your twine through your burlap. It's really easy to find big enough holes in burlap to thread through, but if you can't find one exactly where you want it, make one by moving some of the burlap threads out of the way :) 

This project was easy, cheap and quick! 

And the banner looks great with my other Halloween Decorations!

I hope you will try and make one, let me know if you have any questions!

I am linking this project up HERE
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